Volunteer simply we can say that providing helping hand and service to needy people without intention of gaining any financial transact. It can be done either individually or group wise but grouping will be easier than individual. Group volunteerism is more executable and effective than individual.Volunteerism helps people to work in a group and achieve certain goal. Community development and social development is the best example of volunteerism. 

If we notice about volunteerism in Nepal, then there are several organization that has been providing services to needy people. Volunteer Initiative Nepal (VIN), Volunteer in Nepal, FlynepalVolunteering Organization etc. are the some organization of Nepal. They have their objectives and missions that has to be accomplished by the group of people. We also have a visit to a particular village affected by the earth quake two years ago. Netrawati Village will be our mission and we will provide helping hand to people who are suffered by massive earthquake.

We will visit Shree Mahendra Barahee secondary school and donate necessary stuffs to the student who suffer from lacking education material for study. Similarly we will be visiting a particular community of this village. Still they are compelled to live under plastic tent house. They will be provided good tents and clothes. Those who are suffered from diseases then medical services are provided to them. We will also launch awareness program such as how to be aware and be prepared for earthquake. Similarly we will visit to the health post near to the village. We will provide necessary tools and equipment that are needed in health post. After finishing our volunteer program we will visit and explore around the village. We will experience the typical lifestyle Nepali village and their culture.


Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 

Day 02: Free day (Shopping)

Day 03: Drive to Dhading and Trek to Netrawati village

Day 04-05: Volunteering in Village school

Day 06-07: Volunteering with community

Day 08: Explore the Village

Day 09: Return to Kathmandu 

Day 10: Departure

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

After your arrival in Kathmandu, you will be picked up by our staff and transfer you to Hotel for overnight stay.

Day 02: Free day (Shopping groceries)

Today we will have free day. During this leisure period we will have shopping program around the city.

Day 03: Drive to Dhading and trek to Netrawati Village (4-5 hours)

Today we will take drive from Kathmandub to Dhading. During the drive we will witness green forests, hills and fast flowing Trishuli River. After reaching dhading we will head towards Netrawati village.

Day 04-05: Volunteering in Village School 

Today we will visit one of the school of this village named Shree Mahendra Barahi Higher secondary school. We will have a talk to chief of this school and provide necessary stuffs to students. We will also help student how to learn English language as well. After getting necessary stuffs they feel easier to study and learn. 

Day 06-07: Volunteering with community

These two days will be servicing to community people. People of this community desperately need help and support because they have been suffered too much by earthquake. We will provide foods and clothes to them. We will try our best at least to full fill their basics need.

Day 08: Explore the Village

After finishing our volunteer program, we will visit around the village. We will experience the beautiful village with loyal people along with warm hospitality. Green forests and hills, birds singing songs and unique living style of local people makes this trip worthy than your effort.

Day 09: Return back to Kathmandu

We will return back to Kathmandu through same route that we came during the start of our trip. 

Day 10: Departure

Today is the last day of your holiday. You will be drop off to the airport according to your flight schedule to home.


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