Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is a life time dream for many. But before deciding the right trek in Nepal, one needs to be aware of certain facts. Aspects such as passion for particular trek, preferred level of adventure, duration, trekking difficulty, facilities available, budget, service of trekking agency etc. will always be central. Trekking in Nepal could be categorized into popular treks, remote treks, and short treks.

Popular Treks goes for normally 10-15 days and are also known as teahouse treks or Lodge treks. In this type of trek, one can trek with bare minimum of equipment and supplies. Overnight stay would be on local teahouses. Remote Treks are longer than popular treks and should be carried on with the porters carrying all the necessary foods, tents and equipment. Basic mountaineering skills would be helpful as snow lines would be crossed. Short Treks is for three to five days, which usually follow the outskirts of the lush hills near cities. Simple but beautiful villages with terraced fields and the view of the snow - clad mountains behind the layers of green hills characterize the treks of this category.

Whatever trekking type you choose, we assure that you won’t regret choosing Himalaya Excursions.